Seychelles Aquaculture

Industry Implementation

Following comprehensive research, specialist studies and high-resolution planning and design, Seychelles Fishing Authority (SFA) and Advance Africa have embarked upon the Seychelles Aquaculture Implementation Programme.

With a sound regulatory environment, development guidelines based on the internationally-accepted Ecosystems Approach to Aquaculture and enshrined in the comprehensive Seychelles Mariculture Master Plan (MMP), Seychelles is at an exciting and pivotal point in the process of establishing a sustainable aquaculture industry, with investment in the sector ready to be harnessed.

The programme features spatial planning, infrastructure development, ongoing global market surveys and assessments, acquisition of investment and funding, and the securing of technical partners for research & development (R&D). Management of the Environmental & Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) is currently being conducted by Golder Associates and the programme also features a fully-inclusive and transparent Public Participation Process (PPP).

Three strategic projects, the Broodstock Acclimation Facility (BAF), the R&D Facility, and the Pilot Project, will be implemented upon completion of the ESIA and PPP.

The BAF is designed for receiving, holding and acclimating wild-caught broodstock of the candidate species, prior to transfer to the R&D Facility. The facility ensures all broodstock are disease- and pathogen-free and primed for controlled breeding and production, such that a consistent source of fingerlings is available for grow-out operations.

The R&D Facility will initially produce fingerlings for the Pilot Project. In parallel, the Facility will house broodstock and run numerous scientific research programmes including closing production cycles of high potential indigenous species. The R&D Facility will facilitate the training and development of human resources for the future industry.

The Pilot Project forms a strategic link between the activities of the R&D Facility and future commercial investors. The Pilot Project is scaled at 200tpa and aims to prove the business case of growing various species. The fish will be grown to a size suitable for local sales in the domestic market and to produce sample fish and fish products for international export markets.

These projects will showcase the exciting future potential of Seychelles aquaculture, and contribute to the sustainable growth of a new and vibrant industry.