About Advance Africa

Advance Africa specializes in aquaculture, agriculture, fisheries and environmental solutions in sub-Saharan Africa and the Western Indian Ocean Region.

Partnering with global investors and leading technology players, we continually search for investment opportunities and project management solutions. Our goals are to achieve sustainable investment, advance employment and improve lives.

Advance Africa offers a diversity of solutions from: scoping and feasibility studies, market assessments and planning, project development, ongoing support and reporting.

The company’s core strength is a multi-disciplinary approach to solutions. With widespread experience in the sciences, business management, and built environment in various countries we understand the sensitivities around the social, political and environmental contexts.


 “To be the leading developer of sustainable Aquaculture, Agriculture, Fisheries and Environmental projects in sub-Saharan Africa and the Western Indian Ocean Region”

Advance Africa put Ichthyology and Fisheries Science into practice, through the conceptualisation and development of sustainable aquaculture projects, whilst utilizing advanced technology and global best practice.

Furthermore, Advance Africa offer advisory services in the fisheries sector. We provide guidance on the management of marine and freshwater fisheries, and value chain studies to sustainably utilize these resources in line with ecological, economic and social objectives.

With our significant experience in agriculture, aquaculture, fisheries and environmental management, we are results-driven and are able to develop tailor-made solutions to optimize microclimatic growing environments (including greenhouses), ventilation systems, water supply, storage, purification, and fertigation systems.

Current aquaculture species that we are involved in include: kapenta, tilapia, catfish, trout, sole, yellowtail, kob, grouper, snapper, pompano, rock lobster, abalone, prawns/shrimp, mud crabs, ornamental aquarium species, sea urchin (uni) and sea cucumber.

Our agriculture expertise includes production of: grain crops, various root vegetables, bio-diesel crops, cotton, paprika, pomegranates, mushrooms, tomatoes, roses, chicken, cattle, sheep and goats.

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