UNDP Green Value Chains Project

Feasibility Study for Developing a new Achar Processing Facility

Advance Africa is currently contracted by the UNDP to conduct an Assessment of Smallholder Farmer Capacity Needs and Private Sector Market Requirements in Lesotho for agricultural value chain development.

Advance Africa is presently engaged in a feasibility study for developing a new Achar Processing Facility in South Africa. Advance Africa’s role is to develop the financial model for the project and to assess viability thereof.

Feasibility Study of Establishment of a Cotton Gin & Co-operative Farm

Advance Africa is presently engaged in a feasibility study for the Lebombo Agricultural Secondary Co-operative (Lebombo). The cotton gin will provide a logistically viable market alternative for Lebombo and other smallholder and commercial growers in the province. Advance Africa’s role is to assess and report on the agronomics, farm plan and financial modelling of the project.

Feasibility Study of a Tomato Farm & Processing Plant

Advance Africa was contracted to conduct a feasibility study of a Tomato Processing Facility in South Africa. The facility aimed to harness the market opportunity for tomato paste production in South Africa, whilst promoting job creation and self-sustainability within the industry. Our role was to conduct agronomic and market studies, and undertake detailed financial modelling, to assess the feasibility of the project.

Large-scale Farming Project

Advance Africa was contracted by MMG to formulate the development of a Large-Scale Farming Project (LSFP) at the MMG’s Kinsevere mining operation, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The project entailed the development of sustainable methods of addressing critical food shortages in the Katanga province.

Viability Assessment of Cinnamon Project

Advance Africa assessed the Viability of Commercial Production of ‘Wild Harvested’ Cinnamon in Seychelles, for the Seychelles Department of Fisheries and Agriculture. This study identified the extent of the environmental impact of cinnamon on the islands, as well as determined the commercial potential of Seychelles cinnamon. An integrated approach was identified as the best solution – with emphasis placed on the conservation of natural biodiversity, whilst additionally exploring possible economic benefits.

Feasibility Study for Aloe Ferox Plantations

Advance Africa undertook a Feasibility Study for the establishment of commercial plantations of Aloe ferox in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. The project included the processing of various products (including gel and powder product) for the Asian market, as well as market assessments, economic modelling, project management and the presentation of findings.

Feasibility Study for Paprika

Advance Africa undertook a two-phase project involving a feasibility study, determining the overall viability of producing paprika and oleoresin in South Africa. The second phase of the project is developing a bankable business plan based on the findings of the feasibility study. The opportunity to produce paprika and oleoresin in South Africa is built on creating local brands, development and empowerment schemes for small-scale farmers or out-growers, inturn creating a positive socio-economic impact and an increase in employment rates.

Feasibility Study for Large-Scale Cattle Production

Advance Africa produced a feasibility study for large-scale investment in cattle ranching in West Zambia for the export market, which included market assessments, economic modelling, project management and the presentation of findings.

Floriculture Experience

The senior members of Advance Africa have significant experience in the design, development and management of floriculture projects in Zimbabwe and South Africa, focusing on cut roses, summer flowers and bulbs. Our teams have the necessary skills to optimize micro-climatic growing environments. These include: greenhouses, fertigation, ventilation systems as well as water supply and storage.