Aquaculture Evaluation Tool for the SADC Region

Advance Africa developed an Aquaculture Evaluation Tool for the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region on behalf of WorldFish as part of their  efforts to identify and evaluate commercial aquaculture opportunities. 

The tool is designed to inform governments, funders and investors as to the sets of drivers that are likely to determine an aquaculture project’s potential success or failure. Projects are evaluated through a process which identifies weaknesses and recognises where interventions are required.

The framework of the evaluation tool utilises existing management theory and multi-criteria decision analysis for decision-making. By distilling scores achieved against multiple factors, a weighted outcome is produced, representing both industry attractiveness and business unit competitive strength.

Ultimately, results are presented in the form of a matrix, indicating whether a project is ready to accept investment or not. Additionally, the tool allows for the identification of ‘gaps’ and assists in defining interventions that need to take place at a government and/or private level.

Aquaculture is of critical importance for economic development and food security in the SADC region. The evaluation tool is capable of promoting growth in the sector in accordance with sustainable and responsible aquaculture practices.

The tool was presented by Advance Africa’s Grant Merrick and Tammy Bean at the SADC Aquaculture Science-Expert Working Group Meeting, held in Harare, Zimbabwe, in December 2016.