Biodiversity Management Unit: Fisheries Component

Lesotho Highlands Water Project

The Lesotho Highlands Development Authority (LHDA) has created a Biodiversity Management Unit (BMU) responsible for conservation within the LHWP region. Advance Africa is tasked with skills development and mentoring of the BMU.

Mentoring activities thus far include:

  • Subsistence fisheries survey of Katse Dam
    • Questionnaire and creel survey methods
    • Subsistence fisheries data analysis techniques
    • Scientific report writing
  • Experimental gillnet surveys of Katse and Mohale Dam
    • Gillnet survey methods
    • Data analysis techniques including catch per unit effort (CPUE), species composition, index of relative importance (IRI), and modelling gillnet selectivity
    • Scientific report writing
  • Electrofishing survey of Maloti minnow
    • Electrofishing survey methods
    • Data analysis including presence/absence and density estimates
    • Scientific report writing

The BMU fisheries team is now well-equiped to conduct its own monitoring of the reservoirs and rivers of the Lesotho Highlands.