Development of Seychelles’ Seafood Sector Value Chains

Advance Africa was commissioned by the World Bank Group Third South West Indian Ocean Fisheries Governance and Shared Growth Project (SWIOFISH3) to undertake the ‘Development of Seychelles’ Seafood Sector Value Chains Project’ which forms part of a long-term strategy of the Blue Economy and aims to promote diversification, economic resilience and sustainability.

Study on Lake Victoria and Lake Tanganyika Fish Trade

World Bank Group funded assignment to identify  infrastructure to support the fisheries economy to the improvement of quality, waste reduction and increased revenues along the fish value chain around Lakes Victoria and Tanganyika.

Maloti Minnow in the Lesotho Highlands

The most recent surveys (2017-2019) confirmed that the native Mohale ESU populations were in trouble and one of the four translocated Mohale ESU populations had disappeared.  Moreover, the Eastern ESU populations in certain rivers appeared to be on the decline. A key recommendation from these surveys was the development of a new and revised conservation action plan (CAP) for the Maloti minnow in the Lesotho Highlands.

Biodiversity Management Unit: Finding the Maloti Minnow

In partnership with the Lesotho Highland Development Authority’s (LHDA) Biodiversity Management Unit (BMU), Advance Africa undertook two comprehensive electrofishing surveys that aimed to re-assess the distribution of the endangered and iconic Maloti minnow in the Lesotho Highlands.

Fisheries Feasibility Study Lake Ihema Akagera National Park

In partnership with African Parks (AP) Biodiversity Management Unit (BMU), Advance Africa undertook a feasibility study for the development of commercial fisheries on Lake Ihema in Akagera National Park, Rwanda.

Biodiversity Management Unit: Fisheries Component

Advance Africa was commissioned by the Lesotho Highlands Development Authority (LHDA) to develop the Biodiversity Management Unit (BMU), responsible  for monitoring and evaluation of water quality, integrated ecosystems management and the conservation of biodiversity.

Fisheries Survey: Liwonde National Park, Malawi

This survey investigated the potential of freshwater protected areas as a tool for improving fisheries in adjacent open access areas. Catch data from the survey were used to provide baseline estimates of abundance, species composition and size composition. The database will allow Africa Parks to track trends in fish populations and the efficacy of the protected area, through future monitoring surveys.

Published Articles & Academic Consultancies

Professor Hecht is highly regarded by his peers and has published in excess of 150 peer reviewed scientific papers. He has been entrusted by national, regional and local governments to establish development frameworks, industry programmes and policy, governing aquaculture and fisheries sectors.