Highlands Trout

Mohale Dam, Lesotho

Advance Africa was project manager throughout the EIA process for Highlands Trout at Mohale dam.

Advance Africa were project managers for the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process for Highlands Trout (Pty) Ltd. at Mohale Dam. The outcome was the approval of the EIA and a positive Record of Decision.

  • EIA launched November 2011
  • Project Brief approved – end Jan 2012
  • Terms Of Reference approved July 2012
  • Public Participation complete – Nov 2012
  • EIA submitted for approval – Dec 2012
  • Positive Record Of Decision received – March 2013

After the positive Record of Decision, Advance Africa undertook the early stage development of the project in terms of business plan, financial model, biological model development as well as the conceptual design for land and water based infrastructure.