Seychelles Mariculture Master Plan

Advance Africa was appointed as the Programme Manager for developing the Mariculture Master Plan (MMP). The MMP is the cornerstone for aquaculture development in Seychelles and represents the culmination of detailed feasibility assessments, specialist studies, industry modelling, the development of a regulatory framework and preparation of technical guidelines in line with the Ecosystems Approach to Aquaculture (EAA) and other global best practice. 

In 2011 a decision was taken by the Government of Seychelles to develop a Mariculture Master Plan (MMP) in anticipation of developing a new Aquaculture Industry in the Seychelles. This was seen as an important economic diversification, with the country at that time being reliant on tourism and fisheries as main economic contributors.

Advance Africa was appointed as the project leaders for the development of the MMP, including the assessment of the economic feasibility of the industry, global market assessment for local species, comprehensive value chain assessment, SWOT analysis, development of a comprehensive regulatory framework of global best practise with all associated regulatory documentation including standards, application procedures, licensing framework etc.

The MMP was rolled-out in phases, with the final phase being completed in 2015. 

The overall objective was to enable the Seychelles to develop a sustainable mariculture sector that would be integrated into the country’s economic vision and would respect the unique and sensitive nature of the marine environment.

Specific Objectives Included:

  • Assessment of the potential for aquaculture/mariculture in Seychelles
  • Gauging public and institutional support for a mariculture sector in the Seychelles
  • Development of the regulatory, socio-economic and environmental framework 
  • Development of the mariculture master plan for sustainable aquaculture/mariculture into the future

The long-term objective is to establish a mariculture sector based on global best practise, with utmost sensitivity to the environment of the Seychelles (both biophysical and socio-economic).