Socio-economic Development Strategy for the Greater Garamba Landscape

~ A landscape approach to conservation planning

Advance Africa formulatedĀ a Socio-Economic Development Strategy for the Greater Garamba Landscape, which adopts a landscape approach, featuring thematic focus areas on human, wildlife and infrastructural evaluations.

The strategy assessed associated pressures on the landscape and proposed risk mitigation measures in the form of key projects and enterprise development opportunities specific to identified regional linkages. The landscape included three hunting domains adjacent to Garamba National Park, as well as their local communities. Aspects such as; land tenure, livelihood activities and perceptions held towards park management, were assessed as part of the study.

Thematic analysis resulted in a deeper appreciation of strategic pressure points fundamental to the system. Detailed interrogation of associated impacts aided the determination of relationships between various agents and stakeholders, enabling the formation of specific solutions of mitigating unique associated risks.

The landscape approach has enabled key projects to fall under one holistic umbrella strategy, promoting socio-economic development, within the Garamba landscape.

A landscape approach also incorporates the uncertainty associated with the ebb and flow of complex and unique natural ecosystems of the Garamba region.