Viability Assessment of Commercial Production of “Wild Harvested” Cinnamon in Seychelles

Advance Africa assessed the Viability of Commercial Production of ’Wild Harvested’ Cinnamon in Seychelles for the Seychelles Department of Fisheries and Agriculture. 

The assessment aimed to determine the environmental impact and commercial potential of cinnamon in Seychelles. An integrated approach was adopted with emphasis placed on the conservation of natural biodiversity whilst exploring possible economic benefits.

The first phase of the project involved site visits to determine the status of cinnamon production as well as the assessment of natural cinnamon biomass and the environmental impact of Cinnamomum verum in Seychelles.

Aspects explored included:

  • Environmental and political histories of cinnamon in Seychelles
  • Biological and agronomic research of Cinnamomum verum and other species
  • Global cinnamon market analysis

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) analysis was used to provide an understanding of cinnamon distribution, which together with land use mapping, enabled the quantification of biomass and prioritisation of biodiversity areas.

Ultimately, a balanced approach was recommended, which highlighted the need for multiple context-specific strategies that address the environmental challenge posed by cinnamon and translate it into an opportunity for positive economic benefit.