Seychelles’ Seafood Sector Value Chains

Seychelles – Third South West Indian Ocean Fisheries Governance and Shared Growth Project (SWIOFish3)

Development of Seychelles’ Seafood Value Chains forms part of a long-term strategy central to the strategic development of the Blue Economy, which aims to promote diversification, economic resilience and sustainability.

Seychelles Government has prioritized the development of local seafood value chains as a means of improving value-addition to existing fisheries resources. 

 Seychelles’ fisheries value chains are diverse in scale, species and products. They form an essential component to domestic food security. Additionally, locally produced high-value products are exported to premium international markets.

Value expansion is promoted through the development of aquaculture and value addition of fisheries resources, by enhancing local seafood processing value chains.


Effectively supporting the sustainable development of seafood value chains requires identification and analysis of existing seafood value chains, with prioritisation of those offering the greatest development opportunities.

Harmony between processing capacity development and raw materials supply, is integral to strengthening economic resilience and environmental sustainability within the fisheries sector.

The Seychelles’ seafood value chain development and upgrading strategy was informed by three key processes:

(1) Identification and prioritisation of seafood value chains,

(2) Analysis of prioritised value chains through mapping, allowance for the identification of limitations and the                            development of interventions, and

(3) Investigation of the current and future capacity needs of Seychelles’ seafood sector value chains.


This process resulted in the identification of a significant number of interventions for prioritised value chains, promoting resilience and sustainable resource use within Seychelles’ fisheries sector value chains.